Amazing Tool Finds  100+ Of Hidden FB Interests In Just A Few Simple Clicks.

If you’ve ever had the chance to advertise ANYTHING on Facebook at all, you’ll definitely realize that the interest targeting on the platform is majorly FLAWED!

Consider This Common Scenario Below…

Inside your Facebook Ad Manager, with high hopes, you clicked to find the interests that you are looking to target and you are only presented with roughly 25 different ‘broad’ interests to choose from.

After doing some research you realize that you can use Facebook’s Audience Insights to find more relevant interests.

But to your dismay, the resulting audience size is just too small to be targeted!

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Most people will then be forced to select from these limited interested available to them not knowing that they’ve just made a grave mistake that will cost them hundreds if not thousands of advertising dollars.

The thing is, 99% of Facebook ‘Newbie’ Advertisers are bidding on this very same pool of interests! With competitors high and audiences that are already bombarded with hundreds of ads per day, your CTR numbers drop like a stone and thus you will be paying MORE than you should for every engagement that you get from the ad.

That’s the number one reason some advertisers are paying 3 to 5 dollars just for a simple Facebook Engagement!

It’s the surefire way to ‘BURN’ all your advertising dollars faster than you can say… ‘Where did all my money go?”

But all that is about to CHANGE for you!

Get Ready for UVP Explorer

UVP Explorer quickly finds hundreds of relevant and targetable interests for you in just 3 simple steps!<br>

Step 1: Key In Your Keyword

 Step2: Seek And Edit

Step 3: Copy And Paste The Interests Into Your Campaign!

UVP Layering…

The Ultimate ‘Tactic’ You Can Use To Automatically Boost Your Facebook Ad Results!


It’s no secret that as a Facebook Advertiser, you need to create a layering of multiple interests when you are targeting interests in your campaigns for optimum ad results.

However, the entire process can be a huge pain because it’s quite honestly…

it is a lot of tedious work involved

And if you choose to do it manually , be prepared to spend hours just to get 2 layers right.

But with UVP Explorer, you can kiss the entire ‘HARD WORK’… goodbye.

Save tons of time and effort with UVP explorer’s smart layering technology.

You can choose between a randomly generated layering or set the desired audience size that you wish to reach and UVP Explorer will work its magic to create up to 3 layers to give you a tight, relevant and laser targeted interests for your ads!

All that in just the matter of MINUTES!

With UVP Explorer You Can Finally:

Picture yourself, days from now, being able to pin point the exact interests that you can target but safely hidden away from the majority of your competitors…

you’ll essentially be able to DOMINATE in your market at the lowest advertising cost possible.

When you market to unsaturated interests found using UVP Explorer, your engagement will skyrocket and you’ll find your click through rates soar with ease!

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Available For Windows Version Only

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Available For Windows Version Only